Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in New Mexico

electric vehicle charging installation

When you’ve decided to go green and get a clean electric vehicle, it is important that you also use the cleanest source of power to fuel it. Whether you have just purchased your new car or are planning on getting one in the near future, SunPower® by Positive Energy Solar will install a solar electric vehicle charging station on your property. We are Tesla® Recommended Electricians and are licensed to install high-quality EV chargers manufactured by Tesla®, a leader in the energy industry. More than that, all of our New Mexico installation experts are fully trained, highly qualified, insured and bonded, and experienced to install EV charging stations for your vehicle.

The Benefits of EV Charging Stations

Having your own EV charging station gives you a faster, more efficient charge than using an outlet in your home. Your carport or garage can also be a hub for guests, friend, and family to charge their own electric or hybrid cars.

Just as commercial EV chargers are used to provide power to cars parked at hospitals, schools, hotels, or retail centers stand out from places without chargers, your home will also benefit greatly from having a personal charging station when and where you need it.