Solar Power, Reimagined – ACPV Microinverters & Monitoring

SunPower Equinoxâ„¢ is an all-in-one, completely integrated residential solar system offering unmatched efficiency ratings, the latest solar technologies, and an unbeatable warranty. This is the solar system ready to transform your home, your energy consumption, and your carbon footprint.

Solar Micro Inverters


SunPower microinverters are key to consistent energy output, even when panels are partially shaded. Unlike other systems, these devices are seamlessly installed behind each panel, eliminating the need for a bulky inverter box that takes up space and interrupts the aesthetic of your home.

The EnergyLink Monitoring Hardware and Software allows for online monitoring at a moments notice from any computer or data connected device.

SunPower by Positive Energy selects the most efficient inverters, guaranteeing that the maximum amount of energy produced by your solar panels is converted to useable energy for your home.

Our solar designers will recommend the ideal inverter for your system.