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How do I know my system will provide according to your estimates?

Systems are monitored on a regular basis. Monitored systems give real world data and enable Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar to present reliable solar production figures to our clients. Production figures over a number of years, with similar equipment, location and mounting method, will give you an accurate way to predict the output of your system. Our output projections are also informed by on-site analysis, which includes a Solmetric survey of your home or property's solar access. We do NOT offer output data based on computerized photos of your home or property; we will come to your property for a site visit.

Does your panel manufacturer perform quality control audits your installations?

Few solar panel manufacturers will audit installations to measure the quality of the companies that sell their products. As New Mexico’s original SunPower dealer, we support and appreciate SunPower’s diligence to inspect and monitor our work by conducting third-party audits.

What is the efficiency of the panels that you are proposing to install?

More efficient panels require less space and allows you to get more energy output per square foot. A smaller array footprint is very important to avoid shaded areas, when shading is an issue. It also means less weight for the roof, fewer attachment points, less installation labor and less installation material required. SunPower’s unique cell design offers the best cell efficiency and highest panel efficiency on the market. When shade or space is not an issue, a less efficient module can be a good choice especially if the up front cost is substantially lower.

How does your company implement its values?

One way we vote for a more sustainable world is with our dollars. Our company is local and we buy many of our products and materials locally. We continually provide educational programs and are otherwise very involved in furthering sustainability in our state and in our communities. We are an employee-owned company and have a profit sharing program with our employees including a stipend for healthcare benefits. We offset 100% of our carbon emissions including everything associated with the installations and the business operations of our four New Mexico locations. We believe how a company is run is equally as important as what it does.

Can I see a list of clients that you have installed solar electric systems for?

Since 1997 we have built our business based on customer referrals and customer satisfaction. We will supply you with a client sheet and references at any time. Also see or Angie's List for customer testimonials about Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar.

Will everyone working on my system be an employee of your company?

You will work with Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar staff every step of the way. We only outsource roofing work and site excavation (if required) to companies we have been working with for several years.

How long has your company been installing solar electric systems?

Our company has been in business installing solar power systems in New Mexico since 1997. We've installed over 1,400 solar systems out of our local New Mexico solar locations in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Los Alamos and Santa Fe.

How long is your warranty on all my components and your work?

A warranty or guarantee is only good if the company is in business. Our long-term track record ensures you we will be here to take your call when warranty service is required. We service all the equipment we install. We make our product recommendations based on your goals and on the quality and reliability of the manufacturers, including their warranty program. As an example, SunPower products have a 25 year bumper to bumper warranty (covers labor, shipping and full replacement). SunPower is a U.S. publicly traded company that has been in business for over a quarter of a century.

How many NABCEP certified employees work for your company?

The state of New Mexico is not rigorous in protecting consumers from untrained and inexperienced installers. The very large majority of licensed electricians and solar companies do not have training or experience uninstalling solar electric systems. The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) provides a well-respected certification process that requires the solar installer to complete classroom hours, lead multiple solar PV installations, and pass a comprehensive exam. SunPower by Positive Energy Solar has over 11 NABCEP certified professionals on staff—more than any other companies in the state, by far.

How Much Does a SunPower by Positive Energy Solar Energy System Cost?

At Positive Energy Solar, we value honesty when discussing cost and financing. Due to the number of variables that go into creating, building, and installing a custom solar panel installation, we cannot give customers an accurate estimate without seeing your roof or your average monthly electric bill. That’s why we invite everyone interested to call us, fill out the contact form on this site, or visit one of our solar offices conveniently located in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, and Los Alamos, New Mexico – we’ll give you a trustworthy quote and answer all of your questions about our payment options.