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Deciding to power your home with a solar panel system is a great way to begin saving money on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your household overall with advanced technological improvements. If you really want to be proactive and futureproof your home from any electrical issues, though, you should also consider setting up a backup power system. At Positive Energy Solar in New Mexico, our solar company makes it simple to reinforce your solar energy system with a backup battery that ensures your home will have the energy it needs, even in power outages or at night.

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How a solar power battery backup works:

  1. Your solar panel system collects energy during the day, including when it is overcast.
  2. Energy is distributed throughout your property as needed.
  3. Any energy left unused after a complete cycle is syphoned into the backup battery.
  4. Whenever your home needs power but there is none available from the primary solar panel system – such as during the night or in extended power outages that impact the equipment – the battery backup will provide what it can instead.

​​​​Solar Battery Backup Has Your Back

In today’s modern age, a constant flow of electricity is pretty much a requirement, not a luxury. Most households have plenty of sensitive electronics that do not fare well during power surges sometimes caused by sporadic power outages. A backup solar power battery can help avoid this issue by maintaining a constant stream of energy to your devices and electronics. In other cases, an extended power outage will mean losing all the food left in fridges and freezers. Once again, having a solar power system in place can prevent this unfortunate consequence of a power loss. Restaurants and food-related industries in particular stand to save thousands and thousands of dollars in supplies with a battery backup system.

Perhaps the best part of all is that your battery backup is still providing the same, efficient green energy as your main solar power system. Not only does this let you find peace of mind in minimizing your impact on the environment, but it also means your utility bill will be shrunk even further, as you will be all the less likely to ever need electricity powered by the city’s or county’s grid.

Safety & Convenience All in One System

In the past, gas-powered generators were essentially the only option when it came to getting backup power in times of emergency. Solar power battery backups have completely changed that situation, and for the better.

Three key benefits of a solar battery backup compared to a gas-generator are:

  • Safer: A gas generator needs to be placed well away from the household and open windows since it emits dangerous fumes and chemicals as it runs. A solar battery backup has no such chemical hazard and can be placed against or inside your home for convenience.
  • Quieter: Hearing a gas generator running can be frustrating and distracting as the machine rattles and operates. The solar battery backup systems we use are as quiet as any other battery, creating only a hushed electric hum that some even find relaxing.
  • More reliable: As a machine with many moving parts, a gas generator is inherently unreliable and susceptible to failure. Not so with solar battery backups, which are comprised of the battery and cabling – simple!

If a solar powered battery backup system is interesting you, there is no better time to learn about it than now. Call (505) 908-9578 to talk to our New Mexico solar technicians at about your solar battery needs.

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We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers - We've built our reputation on it, and it's what has made us a leader in solar throughout New Mexico. Read more from our happy customers, then call us to learn how we can help you too!


Our Reviews

  • The follow up once installed is beyond expectations. Their team is made up of solar experts who really care about their clients.

    Over the last 6 years, my wife and I have worked with Positive Energy Solar to install solar panels on 2 homes we've owned here in Santa Fe. From specifying to design and placement, their service and workmanship are excellent. After the installation they followed up to assure full output and taught me how to read the monitoring system. In both cases they specified the correct system through careful review of my electric bills, then did proper installation with very durable components and methods of anchoring, all properly wired to code. The follow up once installed is beyond expectations. Their team is made up of solar experts who really care about their clients. We are very pleased to be converting the New Mexico Sun into electric energy. We are very pleased with the entire program and results.

    Santa Fe, NM

  • The whole team worked excellently together, demonstrating how team work can really work well in this sort of situation. Thanks for having good people working there.

    I wanted to get in touch about the recent work that [your] crew did repairing the solar tracker that was wobbly and making a lot of noise. Since this was the first time the tracker manufacturer had heard of the problem of the bearings wearing out, obviously there was no guide for Don to follow in fixing the thing. He came out with a crew of appropriate size for the job, had all the equipment and tools he needed for the job, and had obviously thought a great deal about how to proceed. He had designed a clever jig to hold the tracker panels in place while the one large bolt that holds the assembly together was removed. He manufactured the jig on site, requiring considerable carpentry skill, and put it in place, and it worked very well. Keeping the large panel stationary during the removal and replacement of the bearings in the wind was quite an accomplishment. The whole team worked excellently together, demonstrating how team work can really work well in this sort of situation. I wanted to take the opportunity to commend Don on a job well done, and the rest of the crew as well, though Don clearly had thought through all aspects of the job and did it well!! Thanks for having good people working there.

    Placitas, NM

  • My husband's high standards for the installation were met. We're grateful to have your professional service to install and maintain our solar system.

    To the Installers, concerning your skill: You did a beautiful job: the conduit pipes fit the house. There are no overlaps or gaps. I appreciate the subtle bends in the pipe that you took time to study and create. The pipe fits the contours of the stucco wall, not just around corners but also along the lengths of the "flat wall" which have slight curves. I appreciate your finished conduit work as both skill and artistry. Thank you for painting the conduit with intelligence, that is, smoothly and with no mess, splatters or any other potential detraction. I was worried about the effect of the cold (in the 30 degrees') on the paint on that day, but problems with the paint didn't materialize due to your skill/experience. Concerning the actual solar panels, sitting on their weighted "cradles:" They look clean, modern and efficient - which actually means they're quite beautiful. My husband's high standards for the installation were also met. We're looking forward when, after the inspection, we can finally turn on the array and know that we're utilizing the sun's energy rather than using fossil fuels. Very exciting! We're grateful to have your professional service to install and maintain our solar system. Respectfully, Dolores & Paul M.

    Albuquerque, NM

  • They are an extremely professional company - providing the very best in customer service.

    We highly recommend Positive Energy Solar. They are an extremely professional company - providing the very best in customer service. The project was well thought out, designed and executed. We were regularly updated on the schedule. All of the staff were exceptional at communication - particularly Thomas, our Sales Advisor. We would absolutely not think twice about using them int he future.

    Santa Fe, NM

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