Positive Energy Solar Explains the Technology Behind Solar Panels


Christopher Fortson, our Marketing Coordinator at Positive Energy Solar, discusses the need-to-know facts about going solar on KOB 4’s morning show. During the segment, which can be viewed at the bottom of this page, we explain the technology behind solar panels and what new customers should look for in a good warranty.

The sleek, streamlined design of SunPower panels not only look good, they also help boost efficiency. SunPower panels have a solid copper backing, whereas the panels produced by most of the competition are engineered with metal strips down the centers to harness energy from the sun. These strips of metal running down the sides of the panels can become brittle and may break as the metal expands and contracts in extreme temperatures. This can be particularly troublesome in New Mexico, where days are often extremely hot and the nights very cold. These drastic alterations in weather can also cause solar plates to shatter, which will result in nonfunctioning panels.

In comparison, the durable copper backing in SunPower panels make them hardier and less prone to breakage. The more effectual design of SunPower panels maintain a higher power production over time when compared to the more brittle, less durable panels made by the competition. In fact, if you were to fold the plates in our panels, they would still function, whereas most other competitor plates would break.

How to Choose the Best Solar Company for Your Project

While determining which company to trust with the installation of your new solar energy system, it is extremely important to weight the benefit of a warranty. Although most solar companies offer a warranty for their services, not all warranties cover every element of your new solar system. Some companies will use different brands of solar panels, inverters, and installers, leaving customers with a scattered mess of warranties for each brand.

In contrast, at Positive Energy Solar, we offer a 25-year warranty for everything. Since we use SunPower for all of our products, you can rest easy knowing your warranty covers installation, panels, inverters, racking, and more.

As a rule, we tell our customers that if you can afford your current electric bill, you can afford solar. To better benefit our new customers, we also offer loans for solar systems with no money down for those who qualify.

To learn more about solar and to discover what our team can do for you, contact Positive Energy Solar.