Why Solar in the Summer Makes Dollars and Sense


Why Solar in Summer Makes Dollars and Sense

As the temperatures begin to rise, so do many electric bills throughout New Mexico. Utility companies charge more during the summer months when many are utilizing more electricity to try and stay cool. Turning this intense sunshine into savings has become easier than ever and Positive Energy Solar aims to help you make the switch.

The average New Mexican will see their electric bill increase by $90 during each summer month.

But not for solar customers! Purchasing a solar system allows you energy independence, which translates to lower, steadier bills. The no-money-down financing options available with Positive Energy Solar can make the switch seamless. Owning your energy means that you can turn the air conditioning up, keep yourself comfortable and stay cool as a cucumber, knowing that your bills won’t be as high as these record-setting dog days of summer.

Dog keeping cool in front of fan

There are over 280 sunny days per year in New Mexico.

With so many sunny days, the solar potential is obvious. Positive Energy Solar offers the highest efficiency panels on the market to help you capture, and benefit, from as much sunshine as possible. Additionally, SunPower panels are specially designed to endure the endless rays and the high temperatures of the desert, with the industries leading 25-year warranty that ensures optimal production, no matter the weather.

The 30% Federal Income Tax Credit available for solar is set to sunset in 2019.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Customers all over the state will be trying to get their systems installed before the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) begins to phase out and install calendars will be filling up quickly. The ITC has been wildly successful, helping solar consumers save an average of $5,000 on their solar systems.

Switching to solar makes dollars and sense.
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